EK1 Tuning Workflow

Welcome to SXTHNK, an online marketplace where you can purchase ECU calibration files. Please follow below steps!

Welcome to the EK1 Portal! We will walk you through creating an account, updating your device, reading your ECU and purchasing a tune. If you have any questions during the process, please email us at csr@sxthelement.com. Ready to get started?

You will need an account to proceed. Your account holds information regarding your EK1 device that can be used to purchase tunes. Already have an account?

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Always update your device to the latest firmware before reading and writing.

Constant power is required during reading and writing operations. Loss of power may result in damage to your vehicles electronic control unit. Users are responsible for following all prompts completely and carefully.

It is important to update your device before beginning. Please download the latest updates and use the Firmware Upgrade option to update.

We will now walk you through making a copy of your ECUs data by the Reading ECU process. You will be able find your reading type on the next step and enter your calibration ID into your account to find matching tuning files or patches.

Step 1
Choose the "Read ECU ID" option on your EK1 device to read the original data from your ECU. You can find the reading type in the next step. Turn your vehicles ignition key to ACC (Accessory) Mode and choose the matching ECU.

Some vehicles require ECU unlocking before the ECU can be read. In this case, after selecting the ECU in the Reading ID menu, the device will display some data. Take a photo of this data or enter it above. You will need to find a matching patch, detailed in the next step, using your Calibration ID. After writing the patch to the ECU, reading and writing will be fully enabled.

SIM2K-250, -260 and -305 require a one time patch before you can write a tuning file.

You can find and download a matching file on patch area.

If you find a matching tuning file you purchase it on our secure payment area.
After purchase, you can download tune files in "My Files" area.

If you want customized tuning, please use comment area and order the custom tuning file for your vehicle.

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